Jumps horses are an important piece of the puzzle in equine welfare projects. Due to their extensive schooling and training, jumps horses are able to transition into disciplines such as equestrian, companion or equine therapy horses.

The Life After Jumps Racing Campaign, aims to share the stories of retired jumps horses enjoying their life after racing and educate about the desirability of the jumps horse post retirement.

Teaching them to jump and introducing them to a new discipline does them the world of good, and I think this then stands them in good stead when they’re rehomed. They’ve already got the experience of being retrained within racing, and so it makes them easier to retrain when they leave the industry and adopt a new career.
Gai Waterhouse

The Research

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95% of retired jumps horses transition immediately into performance

Due to the amount of schooling and experience, jumps horses generally are rehomed directly to new owners.

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80% of trainers have grown up around horses

Being a part of pony club, equestrian disciplines, breaking in horses or farming. Jumps Trainers are experienced horse people.

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Jumps horses are a popular choice for life after racing

because of the amount of work invested in them before retirement.

I think yes 90% of the time jumps horses are easier to rehome. Jumps horses are incredible creatures who allow us to do so much if we have their trust. It's important to find each horse's strength and what area of after life rehoming suits each horse best.
Michelle Payne

Racing Victoria

To ensure the best welfare for Victorian race horses, Racing Victoria have set out an enquire welfare strategy to guide all aspects of the equine community on the importance of rehoming race horses.

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